Disk Cloning

“Disk cloning – a new service from PC Repair Leeds”

PC Repair Leeds are aware that many clients use bespoke software for their individual business. It may be an artwork program, engraving software or even an old and much-loved accounts package. Often the computer running this trusted software is old but reliable and clients will exclusively use the machine only to run the software. In our experience, when we have asked why the software has not been updated, the answer is either it is too expensive to get a newer version, or the program is bespoke and the software company are no longer around. This is exactly why we introduced our disk clone service.

If for any reason the hard drive fails, then the software is lost and we know how devastating this would be to a business. In most cases, the only moving part in a computer is the hard drive and in time, these can develop faults or fail entirely.

Disk Clone Leeds - hard drives
Clone your drive

Keep it safe – clone your disk today!

PC Repair Leeds are now able to clone the drive with either a replacement mechanical drive or with a Solid State Drive (SSD). As long as this procedure is done prior to hard drive failure, you can ensure you have an escape route if and when the original hardware fails. Swapping the drive for the clone takes about 10 minutes.

Even if you are not using bespoke software, cloning a drive makes a lot of sense, especially in business. When we setup a new PC for our clients, often a myriad of programs need installing, from accounts and office software to Skype and CRM’s. This takes time and in the event of a hard drive failure, a virus infection or faulty drive, the re-installation process can take several hours. However, if a clone drive is available, the downtime is minimal.

Cloning a drive is simple. Using the latest industry software, PC Repair Leeds will remove your hard drive and produce an exact replica of it on a brand new drive. This process takes several hours but once complete, the client has the assurance of an effective disaster recovery solution. Dependant upon the size of the hard drive, this service starts at one hour’s labour plus the cost of a new drive, at a very competitive rate.