IT Support – Our way

IT Support

Here at PC Repair Leeds, we provide computer IT Support in our own special way. Putting customer service as our highest priority, ensuring we get to the root of the IT issue and invoicing correctly. Although this statement made seem obvious, we are aware that many other IT companies do not make these services a priority.

How important is IT Support?

Often overlooked, IT Support is not considered essential and user’s general principle seems to be, if the computer is working, then IT help is not needed. What is forgotten is that a computer, PC and Apple Mac operating system constantly updates, not only from Microsoft and Apple but also from the myriad of software installations on a device, such as Adobe, Google, etc. Keeping your computer up to date is crucial, ensuring your online safety, computer efficiency and protection and your personal data.  You may find this article interesting from Lifewire showing how often Windows perform their updates.

Do you need IT Support for a non-business pc?

The answer is yes. Keeping your computer maintained is crucial, extending the life of your pc or laptop. Each year you get an MOT on your car, you know that whilst not only is your car getting the legal checks, but the mechanic will advise you if there is anything wrong with your car. Likewise, a good IT support engineer will be able to confirm your computer is up to data with required security fixes, resolve any software issues, check the hardware is working as is should etc etc. These checks will help your pc, laptop or mac run more efficiently with could extend the hardware life expectancy. Click here and you can see all the the checks a good IT company will run.

How can we help?

Here at PC Repair Leeds, we can provide IT Support in many ways. Not only can we provide maintenance support, either ad-hoc or via our maintenance support contract, but we an help with many other issues:

  • Format / Reinstall of Windows 10
  • Upgrade to SSD
  • Email / Domain setup
  • Anti-virus and Malware provision
  • Home network install
  • and much more


How long should a computer last?

This commonly asked question is not easy to answer. It all depends on how you utilize and maintain your IT hardware. Regular maintenance on the hardware and software of your computer definitely contribute to the life expectancy of a pc. Simple tasks like running a manual maintenance and cleaning the internals of a pc (only to be undertaken by a trained IT technician) will help. If a computer is heavily used such as for gaming and shorten its lifespan. A laptop will have a shorter life than a pc tower as it more likely to be dropped or damaged. In short, the more you look after a computer, the longer is will last.

Is my laptop / desktop working repairing?

This depends on several factors. A good IT Support company will be able to assess your hardware. At this current time, due to the COVID pandemic, laptops are very expensive, nearly 40% higher in price and also difficult to source. This is because more people are working from home, where space is a premium.Companies have been purchasing large volumes of laptops for their staff. Contrary, desktop pc’s are at their cheapest. Depending on the age of your hardware, it might be cheaper to repair, in the case of laptops, but more cost effective to replace a desktop for a faster and more efficient model. Upgrading your computer to an SSD hard drive will make is faster but this upgrade is only worth while on computers under 5 years old. Apple products are slightly different due to Apple’s habit of making their latest OS only work on models of a certain age. Always check with your IT support company to find out your options.