New PC Setup

Get Your Computer Setup Properly From The Start

Need a new computer setup? Contact PC Repair Leeds LTD

A new computer setup is not always straightforward when moving from your old faithful computer. Your old hardware, used daily for many years, has software, data and settings that must be transferred to your new PC. Not only does your data need to be transferred but software has to be installed on the new computer which cannot be copied from one to PC to another. Programs such as Microsoft Office may need updating, whilst applications such as Outlook Express (which is no longer available) have to be upgraded to a new program such as Outlook.

PC Repair Leeds can provide a professional service to help you transition. Ordinarily, the process takes less than one hour and will help with the following:

  • Data transfer
  • Update of all software on the new computer
  • Installation of required software, e.g. Office, anti-virus etc
  • Wireless or network connection
  • Printer setup
  • Tutorial on your new operating system

All of the above is undertaken in the comfort of your own home by one of our experienced engineers.

We can also provide guidance when purchasing a new computer. Whilst we do not supply new laptops, we can build a new PC to your specification. If you prefer Apple to PC, we can offer advice and setup any iMac or MacBook device.

Once you have transferred to your new PC, you need to decide what you want to do with your old computer. There a few options available:

  • If the computer is beyond use, either damaged or too old to run newer software, it can be recycled for parts.
  • If the computer is simply not fast enough for you, it could be formatted and gifted to someone else.
  • In some cases, it is possible to upgrade the HDD or RAM and use the unit as a secondary machine.

In an age of the “throwaway society”, it is important to always try and recycle your trusty old computer. PC Repair Leeds can advise on charities who can use your old PC or recycle the parts.

Whatever you chose to do with your old PC, never dispose of the hard drive without destroying it first. The hard drive is the one piece of hardware in your computer that holds all the years of data input by you. Information from credit cards, your date of birth, addresses and much more. Even if you think the data has been deleted, it could still potentially be restored risking potential identity theft. For more information on how to dispose of your hard drive safely, please see here.

keyboard and mouse for new computer setup